About Us

Dynexa Corporation stakes a unique claim in the Microsoft Dynamics space. Originally focused on providing training to companies who had recently installed a MS Dynamics ERP system, Dynexa built a specialized infrastructure conducive to helping clients gain the most out of their solutions. Armed with the information and expertise required to train and support the MS Dynamics products, Dynexa noticed a lack of dedicated expertise among MS Dynamics resellers. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Dynexa became a full service Microsoft Solutions VAR with a truly competitive advantage – information, knowledge and expertise at the base of their practice.

Dynexa approaches each and every implementation with dedication, competence and dependability. Utilizing their proven implementation methodology, Dynexa Corporation works directly with each client to ensure they receive premium service, and that their new solution is a well integrated part of the clients business. Our implementation methodology also works to ensure that your project fits within the pre-established budget, without cost or time overages.

A serious claim made by serious professionals.

Our collective years of experience implementing complex accounting and financial management systems, coupled with our dedication to understanding the intricacies of each client before determining project scope, allows us to make this claim. Our open and creative corporate culture that empowers each and every employee to innovate and succeed allows us to stand by it.

At the heart of our business lies a commitment to on time, on budget, guaranteed quality business management systems to help your company manage accounting and financial information. With our extensive background in accounting and financial software systems support, and our commitment to building long-term, mutually beneficial business relationships, you can be confident that the solution you chose will work for you now, and into the future. And when it comes to accounting and financial information, you can never be too confident.