Customer & Service Management System

Your enterprise relies heavily on customers to succeed. And as everyone knows, it’s easier to retain a customer than it is to find a new one. However, retaining customers is no easy task. In order to keep your customers from going to the competition, you must regularly beat expectations and offer superior service. You must meet their needs in an effective, consistent manner, and in many cases, you must identify this need before they are even aware they have it.

Without the use of a comprehensive customer management software system, your enterprise can lose track of customer purchasing habits, miss sales opportunities and waste money on ineffective marketing campaigns. You also waste time performing redundant tasks, and have incomplete information regarding your clientele. This leads to frustrated employees and dissatisfied customers, and that leads to a decrease in revenues and repeat business.

A Microsoft Dynamics Customer Management system from Dynexa can help. You can increase customer service and improve your business quickly and effectively, using a solution based on familiar software your team already knows. By compiling and storing all your client data into one central place, and allowing your team access to real-time accurate data at the click of a button, you reduce customer wait time, improve customer service and increase productivity. And with easier access to more accurate information, you are able to plan more effective marketing campaigns and open up opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell to your current customers.

With a Customer Management software solution, you can:

• Integrate customer management and enterprise planning into one easy to use system
• Provide a familiar interface for your employees; saving on training time and realizing a quicker return on your   investment
• Act on every opportunity
• Keep customers satisfied
• Grow your business and enter into new markets

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