Manufacturing is serious business. And success depends on delivering high quality products effectively and efficiently, while managing inventory and controlling production costs. Working under tight time frames with even tighter profit margins, and simultaneously controlling multiple sites, without the proper management and accounting system, can leave manufacturers scrambling to get a clear view of their business. And while many manufacturers believe they have their business under control, it could be what they don’t know that is hurting them.

Multiple, disparate systems that don’t communicate, outdated business management and accounting solutions, and antiquated inventory control systems mean many manufacturers are fundamentally unaware of how their business is running. And without a clear understanding of their business today, they are unable to move forward into the future.

Luckily, you don’t have to be left behind.

With a flexible manufacturing systems solution from Dynexa, you can streamline your manufacturing process by using one complete solution to manage your product lifecycle, operational performance, inventory, accounting, supply chain, sales and customer service. You get all the tools you need to monitor, control and manage each phase of the manufacturing process from the plant floor to the back office, in one comprehensive and flexible package that can work for your now, and tomorrow.

Get an integrated, single view of all your data, from the plant floor to the warehouse, from the control room to the back office, with a flexible Microsoft Dynamics based solution from Dynexa. Empower your team by giving them the tools to analyze events in real-time and make sound business decisions, resulting in higher quality, lower costs, happier customers, and above all, improved business performance.