Not For Profit

As a Not-for-Profit organization you know that running your business is no easy task. Not only are you trying to provide essential services to your beneficiaries, you are trying to effectively budget and allocate funds, comply with stringent regulations and satisfy your donors and investors. Not to mention you’re trying to do all of this with volunteers and limited resources.

You rely on donations and fundraising to keep your services running, and in your line of business every single penny counts. You require careful administration of operating expenses and cash-flow, meticulous reporting, effective fund management and the ability to get an overall view of where your organization stands at any point throughout the year. And you can’t do that with hard work alone.

With a Microsoft Dynamics Not-for-Profit Management solution from Dynexa, you get:

• Detailed, up-to-the minute financial reporting
• Fund and Grant Management
• Integrated Human Resource management and payroll
• Project Management and Accounting
• Improved Retail Management (if required)
• Increased client service, productivity and constituent satisfaction
• Peace of mind

This powerful business management suite is specifically designed to address the unique needs of Not-for-Profit organizations. It promotes accurate and timely reporting, easier access to data, and automated processes that help reduce daily overhead, and allow you focus on more important things – like helping others.