Project & Time Management

As a project based company, you thrive on knowing what each member of your team is doing with every hour of the work day. In fact, employee time tracking is at the very heart of your business, and if not properly managed you face lost billable hours and inaccurate invoicing. Effectively managing each project also requires careful analysis of project scope and timeline, maintaining control over costs and utilization, and the ability to allocate resources as priorities change. And with multiple projects running congruently, it takes a lot more than scheduling software to keep your team on track, on budget, and on time.

With a Microsoft Dynamics Project Management solution from Dynexa, you can work towards accomplishing your goals and exceeding expectations by utilizing a variety of tools to help manage project performance, resources and financials.

With a Dynexa solution, you can:

• Control costs and improve productivity
• Streamline project management
• Increase utilization across the board
• Effectively manage employee time tracking and invoicing
• Increase revenue by reducing redundancy, inaccuracy and underutilized resources

Every moment wasted is a dollar lost, but with a Project & Time Management solution from Microsoft Dynamics, you can capture those moments and start increasing your revenues right away.