In the Development & Testing phase of your project, customizations to your business system are produced and tested by us, and then you. Our developers create applications based on your requirements, and our functional consultants do a thorough shakeout of the system in a test environment before handing the solution over to you.

Key activities of this phase include:
  • Developing the software – modifications to tables, forms, processing routines and interfaces
  • Implementing the business system – set-up of system settings and establishment of a best practices
  • approach
  • Deploying the system – in this phase an acceptance walk through completes the full implementation of the system at your site. All users’ training is completed and the system goes into production.
Additional items include:
  • Finalizing your documentation
  • Finalizing the system set-up
  • Migrating the opening balances and data from the legacy system
  • Going Live