Integration & Upgrades

Upgrading your business and financial management software solution can seem overwhelming. Trying to determine the best time to upgrade, understanding the benefits of the latest version and how that translates into improved business process for you, and what exactly an upgrade will entail, is a difficult job. At Dynexa, we take the time to review and evaluate your current solution, so we can understand the benefits of an upgrade for you. We carefully examine the key features of the new version, the scope of upgrading your current solution – including required customizations, and make expert recommendations to you. You get personalized service and a customized upgrade to meet your specific business needs.

Do you have more than one software solution installed on your enterprise system? Do you need to import or export data to and from products other than your Current Microsoft ERP or legacy system? Our technical team has been delivering integration services to businesses since we started our operations. We have completed various integrations using Integration Manager and Dexterity.

Save your time and money and consult with us on the most effective way to integrate your  ERP or other legacy system with other products!